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The Logging Server Web Interface was designed to make logging for your applications really simple. You don't have to worry about complicated logging protocols, you just define your logging categories online.

Browsing through your logs is also comfortably done on the homepage with customizable filters for every single field. Filtering is done with regular expressions, giving you complete freedom of how to browse through your logs. Don't worry if you're not familiar with regular expressions, there are templates given of basic search behaviour.

Want to see a live example? Login with following login details:

  • Username: test
  • Password: test

Below is an example of how your log browser page could look like:


We have samples written in Java and C# of how to send logs to the internal server. It also isn't difficult to transform them into different programming languages. Interpretation of your logs can be changed at any point by just changing the respective category names!

Interested in the Logging Server? Contact us: logging@gantnersolutions.com